Join us for weekly Sunday morning meditation starting September 2nd from 10 – 11:30 AM. A time for meditation and reflection — and to meet other members of the Reflective Meditation community. Don’t forget to bring a journal to engage in reflective writing after meditation. All are welcome!

Welcome to the Pine Street Sangha

We meditate in a gentle and accepting way, allowing whatever occurs in our inner worlds to unfold naturally. By reflecting upon what happens in meditative experiences, we develop awareness and discover our own understanding of the dharma, the teachings of Early Buddhism.

This approach is helpful for people who:

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Aspiration:  It’s good to know what hopes, desires and intentions you bring to meditation. Hopefully, as your meditation and understanding of the teachings develop, your aspirations also mature. I used to believe that I could manipulate my aspirations to turn them into the “right” ones. I no longer believe I have this much control. Instead as I become more aware of my aspirations, they shift and change. (See Awareness, See Eightfold Path)