The Dharmic Foundations of the Reflective Meditation Approach

A Sydney Australia teacher explains how what we’re doing in Reflective Meditation is grounded in the dharma.

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We meditate in a gentle and accepting way, allowing whatever occurs in our inner worlds to unfold naturally. By reflecting upon what happens in meditative experiences, we develop awareness and discover our own understanding of the dharma, the teachings of Early Buddhism.

This approach is helpful for people who:

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Gratitude:  Appreciation. In my morning’s meditation, waves of gratitude washed over me-- how fortunate I’ve been to live in the USA during decades when our government had some stability and integrity. This gratitude welled up on its own, after months of reflection about the current political situation. It was grounded in long-term contemplation.  In my experience, this kind of receptive gratitude is more enduring than gratitude generated by intentionally recalling what I am grateful about.