The Language of Experience

At Pine Street Sangha, we meditate in silence. Then, reflect in our meditation journals and share our experience in words, as best we can. Click here to listen, as the Spiritual Director for Pine Street Sangha, Nelly Kaufer, conveys how to learn to speak this “language of experience” and its value in our development along the path.

Welcome to the Pine Street Sangha

We meditate in a gentle and accepting way, allowing whatever occurs in our inner worlds to unfold naturally. By reflecting upon what happens in meditative experiences, we develop awareness and discover our own understanding of the dharma, the teachings of Early Buddhism.

This approach is helpful for people who:

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Journaling:  Why write down your meditation? Isn’t “higher truth” deeper than words? Maybe, though writing down your meditation has many benefits. Honor and listen to your experience like a trusted friend and more will be revealed. Your awareness, understanding and caring grows slowly. Your journal chronicles this, along with much else.