Support Us

Support Us

The Pine Street Sangha operates entirely on donations. Your donations sustain our teachers and facility and allow the dharma to thrive. This is in the spirit of dana, the word for generosity in Pali, the language of early Buddhism. In addition to supporting our teachers’ livelihoods, these fees sustain the Pine Street Sangha. They pay the expenses (rent, utilities, supplies, administrative cost, etc.) and keep our dharma home comfortable and clean.

There is a suggested donation for each event rather than a set fee. If you are able to pay on the higher end, this will be very helpful and will support our meditation center and our teachers as well as students who are experiencing financial challenges. If you are unable to pay at the low end of the scale talk to a teacher and we will work it out. By being generous in this way you help us offer these teachings to everyone regardless of their financial resources.

We encourage regular students to make an ongoing commitment with a monthly pledge. This insures a more dependable flow of financial support to the Pine Street Sangha.

Pine Street Sangha depends upon volunteer efforts. Please inquire about and suggest tasks to help us sustain and grow.

We are very grateful for your generosity.

Ways to Contribute

  • Write a check payable to Pine Street Sangha. Leave in “Contributions Box” or mail to 8125 SE Pine Street, Portland OR 97215.
  • Pay via credit/debit card at the event.
  • Donate via PayPal:

  • Send a monthly pledge via PayPal:

    Monthly amount (in $USD):

  • Cash is always welcome.

Reading other students’ thoughts on dana might help you develop your own perspective.

The Pine Street Sangha is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.