About Us

About Us

Our Mission: Pine Street Sangha is a community of dharma friends and teachers offering a reflective meditation approach based on early Buddhist teaching in support of spiritual development and healing; a refuge for kindness and curiosity.

Pine Street Sangha offers a variety of opportunities for learning an innovative approach to meditation which enables meditators to integrate the teachings of early Buddhism into their contemporary lives.  In our community, relationships, and organization, we aspire to cultivate the qualities listed below.  These qualities mirror what we cultivate internally through our understanding of dharma, the teachings of Buddhism.

Meditate . . . Reflect . . . Integrate

  • Mutual support for growth in meditation and understanding of dharma
  • Gentleness and responsiveness to conditions rather than striving and ambition
  • Generosity rather than obligation
  • Flexibility balanced with structure and boundaries
  • Balancing independence with care and attention to relationships
  • Clarity in regards to roles and responsibilities
  • Honest and kind communication considering impact on others
  • Conflict and difficulties acknowledged and discussed with those involved
  • Moderately paced growth which is responsive to the needs and resources of our community

We rely upon participants’ financial generosity, innovative thinking, and voluntary assistance with tasks. A Board of Directors meets regularly to oversee larger decisions and directions; names of board members, meeting minutes and Grievance Policy are available upon request.


The Pine Street Sangha is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.