Dharma Teachings

Learning the dharma (the teachings of Buddhism) and meditation are interdependent; they inform one another. Each is essential on the path. The fundamental question is how to study so that it stimulates wiser understanding? We need teachings which speak to us, in language we comprehend and about topics that resonate with our inner contemplations and concerns.

Our approach teaches you the dharma internally. Through recollection, exploration and a teacher’s questioning, you discover the dharma in your experience. This is a deep and sustaining knowledge. Our teachers base their questions, dharma talks and discussion upon dharma they’ve learned through their own meditation, contemplation and study. They attune to your interests.

Explore the articles and links on this page. Read and see what ideas interest you; take you somewhere… enter your inner world and your meditation. Notice what ideas stimulate your thinking; you chew on them… wonder about them… fight against them…want to know more about them. Be aware of perspectives that lead you somewhere; maybe searching the web, asking others how they view it, or purchasing a book. Most importantly discover for yourself teachings that stimulate more expansive thinking, greater discernment and love of the dharma. We learn and develop in differing ways. We honor this diversity.