Monthly Pledges

Monthly Pledges

For those who are interested in providing more assured financial stability for the Sangha, we are encouraging a regular monthly contribution. Rather than making a dana contribution only when you come in for a sitting group, workshop or individual interview, this shift in orientation enables you to support the availability of the teachings and our teacher on a regular, dependable basis.

Keeping in mind our commitment to providing the teachings to students in differing financial situations, we invite you to consider how much you can afford to contribute on a monthly basis.

Here’s how one member of our Council thinks about it:

“Of the many values I hold dear, generosity is among the most important to me. I give of my time to the people and organizations I care about, and I’m fortunate to earn enough that I can give financially too. I know that whether or not I am able to attend my sitting group, Nelly is there, offering the teachings, available to me and others. I value having the Sangha as an ongoing resource in my life and in the community. I am now budgeting a monthly support contribution to Pine Street. I figure that if I can afford to give $50 once (for example), I can probably afford to do the same once a month. It feels great to realize that at the end of the year I’ve contributed $600 – an amount that might not seem feasible if I were giving it all at once.”

These amounts are just one example – everyone’s ability to give will vary. Some are choosing to pay their monthly amount on a quarterly basis just to simplify bookkeeping even further.

If you are interested in pledging to contribute a regular amount, fill out a pledge card at the Sangha or contact Nelly. Tracking and making your gifts towards your pledge is up to you; the Sangha does not remind you of your pledge. As a convenience for you, the pledge card provides a place for you to mark off your contribution as you go, if you choose. Pledge cards, in privacy envelopes, reside in a file box at the Sangha entry. When you come for sittings or events, you can pull your card and update it to help support your dana practice – or you can choose to keep your card at home with your bill file.

Thank you, again, for your generosity and commitment to your practice and the Pine Street Sangha.