Daily Online Meditation: Dharma Talks & Prompts

Below we have posted the Dharma talks given at the daily online meditation groups. Each one is about 10 minutes. If on your own you want to try Reflective Meditation practice, play one of the talks before you meditate. After your meditation session, reflect back upon your experience of what happened for you during the meditation sitting.

See where this leads you, we are interested in how your practice develops. And, of course, we invite you to meditate with us. Any morning, every morning at 9am PDT.


Daily Online Meditation: Dharma Talks & Prompts

June: Teacher’s Choice

06.08.21 Bill Wellhouse: The aggregates comprise a whole

06.16.21 Nelly Kaufer: Pride Month

06.18.21 Janet Keyes: Mind and body are interdependent

06.19.21 Nelly Kaufer: Juneteenth

06.25.21 Janet Keyes: Improvisation

06.29.21 Erin Harrop: Tracking resistance

June: Revamp

06.06.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Winton Higgins

06.07.21 Linda Modaro: Secularity and culture

06.09.21 Nelly Kaufer: Care

06.10.21 Linda Modaro: Buddhist modernism

06.11.21 Janet Keyes: Ethical foundations of meditation

06.12.21 Nelly Kaufer: Transcendence

06.13.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Narratives

06.14.21 Linda Modaro: Heidegger

06.17.21 Linda Modaro: Self purification and self enlargement

06.20.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Precepts in the daily online sangha

06.21.21 Linda Modaro: Resistance to the inner life

06.22.21 Bill Wellhouse: Returning to the poisons

06.23.21 Nelly Kaufer: Learning from resistance

06.24.21 Linda Modaro: The dharma raft

06.28.21 Linda Modaro: Original questions

06.30.21 Nelly Kaufer: Shame, guilt and remorse

May/June: Three Poisons

05.30.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: What are the poisons?

05.31.21 Linda Modaro: Hatred

06.1.21 Bill Wellhouse: Moha / Delusion

06.2.21 Nelly Kaufer: The poisons are inseparable

06.3.21 Linda Modaro: Living with the poisons

06.4.21 Janet Keyes: Poisons as predispositions

06.5.21 Nelly Kaufer: Reflecting on the poisons


May: Sustainability

05.16.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Resources and abilities

05.17.21 Linda Modaro: Listening to the Dharma

05.18.21 Bill Wellhouse: What sustains us?

05.19.21 Nelly Kaufer: Taking refuge

05.20.21 Linda Modaro: Sustaining life

05.21.21 Janet Keyes: What is sustainability?

May: Intention

05.10.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Permission and restraint

05.12.21 Nelly Kaufer: Karma is intention

05.13.21 Linda Modaro: Intention to meditate

05.14.21 Janet Keyes: Intention for kindness

05.15.21 Nelly Kaufer: Soft, curious, caring


May: Dialetics in Meditative Experience

05.01.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Holding and letting go

05.02.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Idealizing and demonizing

05.03.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Receiving/accepting and resisting

05.04.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Experimenting and staying with the known

May: Teacher’s Choice

05.05.21 Moline Whitson: Dharma in daily life

05.06.21 Janet Keyes: Resistance

05.07.21 Janet Keyes: Kindness to self

05.09.21 Linda Modaro: Mothers Day 2021

05.11.21 Bill Wellhouse: Third ennobling truth

05.23.2 Nelly Kaufer: Practice sustains/restores us

05.24.21 Moline Whitson: Janet Keyes: Blending the known and unknown

05.25.21 Erin Harrop: Letting go of grief

05.26.21 Nelly Kaufer: Freedom

05.27.21 Linda Modaro: Awareness

05.28.21 Janet Keyes: Awareness in context

05.29.21 Nelly Kaufer: Individuality and selfishness

April: Aggregates

04.26.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Who/what is born into the world?

04.27.21 Janet Keyes: Yosemite experience

04.28.21 Linda Modaro: Perceptions

04.29.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Sankharas


April : Ideals

04.18.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Not seeking perfection

04.20.21 Erin Harrop: Disillusionment arises from unrealistic ideals

04.21.21 Linda Modaro and Nelly Kaufer: Using extremes to find the middle way

04.22.21 Linda Modaro: Body as vehicle, body as temple

April: Three Marks of Existence​

04.12.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Anatta

04.13.21 Bill Wellhouse: Dukkha

04.14.21 Linda Modaro: A person without a self

04.15.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Unbearable experiences happen

April : Teacher’s Choice

04.01.21 Linda Modaro: Unremembered

04.02.21 Janet Keyes: No part left out II

04.06.21 Erin Harrop: Grief

04.07.21 Linda Modaro: 4th ennobling truth/task

04.09.21 Janet Keyes: Doing the best that you can

04.11.21 Linda Modaro: Self care and ethics

04.16.21 Janet Keyes: The second arrow

04.23.21 Bill Wellhouse: Vulnerabilities are dependently arisen

04.30.21 Janet Keyes: Intention

March : Support

03.07.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: How is Reflective Meditation supportive?

03.08.21 Linda Modaro: Mothering

03.09.21 Erin Harrop: On support—a poem

03.10.21 Nelly Kaufer: Spiritual friendships

03.11.21 Nelly Kaufer: Affinity groups

03.12.21 Janet Keyes: Trees fall in the forest

03.13.21 Nelly Kaufer: Interdependence

03.14.21 Linda Modaro: Return of dukkha

March : Receptive Listening

03.01.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: What is receptive listening?

03.02.2 Bill Wellhouse: Sustained & restrained

03.03.21 Nelly Kaufer: Flexibility

03.04.21 Linda Modaro: Accepting & anchoring

03.05.21 Janet Keyes: Inner & outer awareness

03.06.21 Nelly Kaufer: Restraining your certainty

March : Teacher’s Choice

03.17.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Online sangha anniversary

03.18.21 Linda Modaro: Dharma study

03.19.21 Janet Keyes: I see you, Mara

03.20.21 Penny Ruff: Spring equinox

03.21.21 Linda Modaro: Need for being understood

03.22.21 Bill Wellhouse: History of Buddhism

03.23.21 Erin Harrop: Compassionate witnessing

03.24.21 Brad Parks: Metaphor

03.25.21 Linda Modaro: Self care

03.26.21 Janet Keyes: Receptivity

03.27.21 Wendy Liepman: Habit patterns

03.28.21 Linda Modaro: Reviewing previous reflections

03.29.21 Moline Whitson: Journey of a Dharma Talk

03.30.21 Bill Wellhouse: Climate Change

03.31.21 Janet Keyes: No part left out

February/March : Student Questions

02.17.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Practicing alone, but together

02.24.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Skillful speech

02.28.21 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Self-love, self-regard, self-esteem

03.15.21 Linda Modaro: How to remember the sitting

03.16.21 Bill Wellhouse: Another way to remember the sitting

February : Speech

02.07.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Skillful speaking and listening

02.08.21 Linda Modaro: Learning from our own words

02.09.21 Bill Wellhouse: Do not speak ill of others

02.10.21 Nelly Kaufer: Abstaining from lying

02.11.21 Linda Modaro: Listen before speaking

02.12.21 Janet Keyes: Kinds of speech

02.13.21 Brad Parks: Finding your own voice

February : Differentiality

02.02.21 Bill Wellhouse: Bring curiosity to your reflection

02.03.21 Nelly Kaufer: Balancing autonomy and connection

02.04.21 Linda Modaro: Trust your own knowing

02.05.21 Janet Keyes: Finding our own way, together

02.06.21 Nelly Kaufer: Follow the path that resonates


February : Teacher’s Choice

02.14.21 Nelly Kaufer: Experimentation

02.15.21 Nelly Kaufer: Improvising

02.16.21 Erin Harrop: Trauma informed

02.18.21 Linda Modaro: Importance of sharing

02.19.21 Janet Keyes: Practicing alone and with others

02.20.21 Nelly Kaufer: Language of experience

02.21.21 Linda Modaro: Contemplative practice

02.22.21 Linda Modaro: Reflective writing

02.23.21 Erin Harrop: Refuge

02.25.21 Linda Modaro: Intention

02.26.21 Janet Keyes: Sleeping meditation

02.27.21 Nelly Kaufer: Vulnerabilities and supports


January : Conditionality

01.03.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Chain of Fools

01.04.21 LInda Modaro: Cause and effect co-arise

01.05.21 Bill Wellhouse: Evolving views on dependent arising

01.06.21 Nelly Kaufer: Things condition one another

01.07.21 Linda Modaro: Words matter

01.08.21 Janet Keyes: This being, that becomes

01.09.21 Nelly Kaufer: Making sense of dependent arising

01.10.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Conditions affect learning

01.11.21 Linda Modaro: What fuels our experience?

01.13.21 Nelly Kaufer: Exploring self in dependent arising

01.14.21 Linda Modaro: Persistent dominant conditions

01.15.21 Janet Keyes: Meditations habits and expectations

01.16.21 Nelly Kaufer: What is conditionality?

01.17.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: The what and how of meditation

01.18.21 Linda Modaro: Shifting gears in meditation

01.19.21 Erin Harrop: Dependent arising of ideas

01.21.21 LInda Modaro: Unity

01.22.21 Janet Keyes: Personal agency

01.23.21 Nelly Kaufer: The impact of changing conditions

01.24.21 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: The Buddha’s last words

01.25.21 Linda Modaro: Who/what walks the path?

01.26.21 Bill Wellhouse: Ignorance and becoming

01.27.21 Nelly Kaufer: What is the same throughout life?

01.28.21 Linda Modaro: How does reflection influence life?

01.29.21 Janet Keyes: Reflection supports ethical living

01.30.21 Nelly Kaufer: Metabolizing experience


December/January: Teacher’s Choice

12.13.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Dissatisfaction

12.14.20 Linda Modaro: Sankhara

12.15.20 Erin Harrop: Impermanence

12.16.20 Nelly Kaufer: Restraint

12.17.20 Linda Modaro: Four foundations and sankhara

12.18.20 Janet Keyes: Ways of knowing

12.19.20 Nelly Kaufer: Creating pods of sanity

12.20.20 Nelly Kaufer: Fatigue and Monsters

12.21.20 Linda Modaro: What is meditation?

12.22.20 Bill Wellhouse: Self

12.23.20 Nelly Kaufer: Darkness

12.24.20 Linda Modaro: Santa/strong>

12.25.20 Janet Keyes: Christmas story

12.26.20 Nelly Kaufer: Glossary

12.27.20 Linda Modaro: Who was the Buddha, really?

12.28.20 Linda Modaro: Awakening curiosity before sitting

12.29.20 Erin Harrop: Characteristics of reflection

12.30.20 Nelly Kaufer: We don’t know the ending

12.31.20 Linda Modaro: Ceasing

01.01.21 Janet Keyes: Bereavement

01.02.21 Nelly Kaufer: Experimenting with permission


December: Generosity

2020.12.06 Generosity 1

2020.12.07 Generosity 2

2020.12.08 Generosity 3

2020.12.09 Generosity 4

2020.12.10 Generosity 5

2020.12.11 Generosity 6

2020.12.12 Generosity 7


November/December: Development in Practice

2020 Development in Practice 1

2020 Development in Practice 2

2020 Development in Practice 3

2020 Development in Practice 4

2020 Development in Practice 5

2020 Development in Practice 6

2020 Development in Practice 7


November: Exploring Your Meditation

11.22.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Describing Your Experience

11.23.20 Nelly Kaufer: Unexpected Experiences

11.24.20 Erin Harrop: Recurring Experiences

11.25.20 Linda Modaro: Finding Ease

11.26.20 Nelly Kaufer: Transitions

11.27.20 Janet Keyes: Learning from the Reflection

11.28.20 Nelly Kaufer: Describing the Body Experience


November: Self

11.15.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: The Self Is Confusing

11.16.20 Linda Modaro: Creating a Self

11.17.20 Erin Harrop: No True Self

11.18.20 Linda Modaro: Being Human

11.19.20 Nelly Kaufer: Which Self Is the Real One?

11.20.20 Janet Keyes: A Changing Sense of Self

11.21.20 Nelly Kaufer: Shame & Blame


November: The Week After

11.8.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Finding Your Own Experience

11.9.20 Nelly Kaufer: Shattered Fantasies

11.11.20 Linda Modaro: Sheltering with Sukha & Dukkha

11.12.20 Nelly Kaufer: Conditions Impact Experience

11.13.20 Janet Keyes: Hope

11.14.20 Linda Modaro: Freedom from Needs?!


November: Present Moment

11.1.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Fullness of Experience

11.2.20 Linda Modaro: Finding Your Own Understanding

11.3.20 Bill Wellhouse: Multiple Tracks of Awareness

11.4.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Uncertainty

11.5.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Holding the Whole Experience

11.6.20 Janet Keyes: Eye of the Storm

11.7.20 Linda Modaro: Making Friends with the Observer


October: Four Cornered Argument

Four Cornered Argument 1

Four Cornered Argument 2

Four Cornered Argument 3

Four Cornered Argument 4

Four Cornered Argument 5



October: Brahmaviharas

Brahmaviharas 1

Brahmaviharas 2

Brahmaviharas 3

Brahmaviharas 4

Brahmaviharas 5

Brahmaviharas 6

October: Shifts in Perspective

Shifts in Perspective 1

Shifts in Perspective 2

Shifts in Perspective 3

Shifts in Perspective 4

Shifts in Perspective 5

Shifts in Perspective 6

October: Honesty and Truthfulness

Honesty and Truthfulness 1

Honesty and Truthfulness 2

Honesty and Truthfulness 3

Honesty and Truthfulness 4

Honesty and Truthfulness 5

Honesty and Truthfulness 6

Honesty and Truthfulness 8

October: Word of the Day






September: Conceits

Conceits 1

Conceits 2

Conceits 3

Conceits 4

September Retreat: Intentional Stillness & Activity

9.24.2020 – Intro: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.25.2020 – Intention: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.25.2020 – Experience: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.26.2020 – Stillness: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.26.2020 – Differentiation: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.27.2020 – Karma: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.27.2020 – Karma 2: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.28.2020 – Subjectively Experiencing Beings: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

9.28.2020 – Flourish Together: Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro

September: Transitions

Transitions 1

Transitions 2

Transitions 3

Transitions 4

Transitions 5

Transitions 6


Transitions 7



August/September: Fundamentals of Reflective Meditation

Fundamentals of Reflective Meditation

Distinguishing Features


Learning to Meditate 1

Learning to Meditate 2

Experimentation and Choice 1

Experimentation and Choice 2

Experimentation and Choice 3

Learning Dharma thru Experience 1

Learning Dharma thru Experience 2

Learning Dharma thru Experience 3

Learning Dharma thru Experience 4

Views 1

Views 2

Fundamental Daily Practice

Views 3



August: Refuge


Refuge of the Buddha–Nelly

Refuge of the Buddha–Linda

Refuge of Dharma–Nelly

Refuge of Dharma–Linda

Refuge in the Sangha–Nelly

Refuge in the Sangha–Linda

Support and Accountability

Support and Accountability 2

Ending Fundamentals



August: Ethics

Ethics and Reflection


Reflection and Ethics–Linda



Ethics with Car–Bill

Against the Stream–Linda

July: Factors of Awakening

Factors of Awakening

Investigation of Dharma–Nelly


Piti Uplifting–Nelly


Sat–Linda & Nelly

Friendly Standing Near–Nelly

Virya Energ–Linda

Virya Non-Collapse

Samadhi Integratio–Linda



Equanimity / Equipoise–Nelly

July: Factors of Awakening and Easygoing

Dharma from the Inside Out


Language of Experience–Nelly

Living with Questions–Jenny

Experience–Linda and Nelly

The Senses–Linda

The Middle Way–Anna

Space Between–Anna and Jenny


June: Ethics

Ethics–Nelly and Linda

Ethics Restorative–Nelly

Ethics Values Needs–Linda

Ethics Not Killing–Nelly

Ethics Caring–Linda

June: Boundaries


06.15.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Boundaries

06.16.20 Nelly Kaufer: Compassion

06.17.20 Linda Modaro: Saying no

06.18.20 Nelly Kaufer: Boundaries in sitting

06.19.20 Linda Modaro: Boundaries in teaching Reflective Meditation

6.20.20 Nelly Kaufer: Boundaries with stillness



June: Creativity


Creativity–Linda & Nelly

Creativity Metaphor–Linda


Creativity Curiosity–Linda

Creativity Mourning–Nelly

Creativity Unique Twist–Linda


May: Eightfold Path


Eightfold Path Intro

Eightfold Path Sati–Nelly

Eightfold Path Sati–Linda

Eightfold Path Samadhi–Nelly

Eightfold Path Samadhi–Linda

Eightfold Path Effort–Nelly

Eightfold Path Effort–Linda

Eightfold Path Order

Eightfold Path Views–Linda

Eightfold Path Views–Linda

Eightfold Path Intention–Nelly

Eightfold Path Intention–Linda

Eightfold Path–Guest Bill W

Eightfold Path Action–Linda

Eightfold Path Action–Nelly and Linda

Eightfold Path Livelihood–Nelly

Eightfold Path Speech–Nelly

Eightfold Path Speech–Linda

Eightfold Path Speech–Nelly 2

Eightfold Path–Guest Janet K


May Online Retreat: Four Ennobling Truths / Tasks


05.16.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: We are vulnerable

05.17.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Causes and conditions of vulnerability

05.18.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Harm reduction


April Online Retreat: International Retreat in Your Own Home​

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020



01.31.21 Linda Modaro: Sati Sangha ethics and values

April 13, 2020: Captivity & Conditionality

Reflective Meditation Basics–Nelly

Recalibration–Linda and Nelly

Guest Teach Erin Harrop

Loving Kindness–Linda




Power Dynamics–Linda

Reflective Meditation Practice






Dana–Carola and Susan




Freedom from–Linda



Ways of Knowing–Nelly

Friends w/ different views–Linda

Marathon / Sprint–Nelly


Sukha Dukkha–Nelly

Kindness and Compassion for Fears–Linda

Prison of Inadequacy–Nelly

No place like home–Linda

Broaden Views

Stream of Consciousness