Daily Online Meditation: Dharma Talks & Prompts

Below we have posted the Dharma talks given at the daily online meditation groups. Each one is about 10 minutes. If on your own you want to try Reflective Meditation practice, play one of the talks before you meditate. After your meditation session, reflect back upon your experience of what happened for you during the meditation sitting.

See where this leads you, we are interested in how your practice develops. And, of course, we invite you to meditate with us. Any morning, every morning at 9am PDT.


Daily Online Meditation: Dharma Talks & Prompts

December: Teacher’s Choice

2020.12.13 Dissatisfaction

2020.12.14 Sankhara

2020.12.15 Impermanence 3

2020.12.16 Restraint 4

2020.12.17 4 Foundations and Sankhara 5

2020.12.18 Ways of knowing

2020.12.19 Sanity

2020.12.20 Fatigue and Monsters

2020.12.21 What is Meditation?

2020.12.22 Self – Bill

2020.12.23 Darkness

2020.12.24 Santa

2020.12.25 Christmas Story

2020.12.26 Glossary

2020.12.27 Buddha is a person

2020.12.28 Guidance before sitting

2020.12.29 Characteristics of Reflection

2020.12.30 We don’t know the ending

2020.12.31 Ceasing

2021.01.01 Bereavement

2021.01.02 Permission


December: Generosity

2020.12.06 Generosity 1

2020.12.07 Generosity 2

2020.12.08 Generosity 3

2020.12.09 Generosity 4

2020.12.10 Generosity 5

2020.12.11 Generosity 6

2020.12.12 Geneosity 7


December: Development in Practice

2020 Development in Practice 1

2020 Development in Practice 2

2020 Development in Practice 3

2020 Development in Practice 4

2020 Development in Practice 5

2020 Development in Practice 6

2020 Development in Practice 7


November: Exploring Your Meditation

11.22.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Describing Your Experience

11.23.20 Nelly Kaufer: Unexpected Experiences

11.24.20 Erin Harrop: Recurring Experiences

11.25.20 Linda Modaro: Finding Ease

11.26.20 Nelly Kaufer: Transitions

11.27.20 Janet Keyes: Learning from the Reflection

11.28.20 Nelly Kaufer: Describing the Body Experience


November: Self

11.15.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: The Self Is Confusing

11.16.20 Linda Modaro: Creating a Self

11.17.20 Erin Harrop: No True Self

11.18.20 Linda Modaro: Being Human

11.19.20 Nelly Kaufer: Which Self Is the Real One?

11.20.20 Janet Keyes: A Changing Sense of Self

11.21.20 Nelly Kaufer: Shame & Blame


November: The Week After

11.8.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Finding Your Own Experience

11.9.20 Nelly Kaufer: Shattered Fantasies

11.11.20 Linda Modaro: Sheltering with Sukha & Dukkha

11.12.20 Nelly Kaufer: Conditions Impact Experience

11.13.20 Janet Keyes: Hope

11.14.20 Linda Modaro: Freedom from Needs?!


November: Present Moment

11.1.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Fullness of Experience

11.2.20 Linda Modaro: Finding Your Own Understanding

11.3.20 Bill Wellhouse: Multiple Tracks of Awareness

11.4.20 Linda Modaro & Nelly Kaufer: Uncertainty

11.5.20 Nelly Kaufer & Linda Modaro: Holding the Whole Experience

11.6.20 Janet Keyes: Eye of the Storm

11.7.20 Linda Modaro: Making Friends with the Observer


October: Four Cornered Argument

Four Cornered Argument 1

Four Cornered Argument 2

Four Cornered Argument 3

Four Cornered Argument 4

Four Cornered Argument 5



October: Brahmaviharas

Brahmaviharas 1

Brahmaviharas 2

Brahmaviharas 3

Brahmaviharas 4

Brahmaviharas 5

Brahmaviharas 6

October: Shifts in Perspective

Shifts in Perspective 1

Shifts in Perspective 2

Shifts in Perspective 3

Shifts in Perspective 4

Shifts in Perspective 5

Shifts in Perspective 6

October: Honesty and Truthfulness

Honesty and Truthfulness 1

Honesty and Truthfulness 2

Honesty and Truthfulness 3

Honesty and Truthfulness 4

Honesty and Truthfulness 5

Honesty and Truthfulness 6

Honesty and Truthfulness 8

October: Word of the Day






September: Conceits

Conceits 1

Conceits 2

Conceits 3

Conceits 4

September Retreat: Intentional Stillness & Activity







Karma 2

Subjectively Experiencing Beings

Flourish Together

September: Transitions

Transitions 1

Transitions 2

Transitions 3

Transitions 4

Transitions 5

Transitions 6

Transitions Bill

Transitions 7



August/September: Fundamentals of Reflective Meditation

Fundamentals of Reflective Meditation

Distinguishing Features


Learning to Meditate 1

Learning to Meditate 2

Experimentation and Choice 1

Experimentation and Choice 2

Experimentation and Choice 3

Learning Dharma thru Experience 1

Learning Dharma thru Experience 2

Learning Dharma thru Experience 3

Learning Dharma thru Experience 4

Views 1

Views 2

Fundamental Daily Practice

Views 3



August: Refuge


Refuge of the Buddha – Nelly

Refuge of the Buddha Linda

Refuge of Dharma Nelly

Refuge of Dharma Linda

Refuge in the Sangha Nelly

Refuge in the Sangha Linda

Support and Accountability

Support and Accountability 2

Ending Fundamentals



August: Ethics

Ethics and Reflection

Ignorance Nelly

Reflection and Ethics Linda

Remorse Nelly

Surprising Linda

Ethics with Care – Bill

Against the Stream Linda

July: Factors of Awakening

Factors of Awakening

Investigation of Dharma Nelly

Exploration Linda

Piti Uplifting Nelly

Calm Nelly

Sati Linda & Nelly

Friendly Standing Near Nelly

Virya Energy Linda

Virya Non-Collapse

Samadhi Integration Linda

Samadhi Nelly

Equanimity Linda

Equanimity / Equipoise Nelly

July: Factors of Awakening and Easygoing

Dharma from the Inside Out

Transitions Anna

Language of Experience Nelly

Living with Questions Jenny

Experience Linda and Nelly

The Senses Linda

The Middle Way Anna

Space Between Anna and Jenny


June: Ethics

Ethics Nelly and Linda

Ethics Restorative Nelly

Ethics Values Needs Linda

Ethics Not Killing Nelly

Ethics Caring Linda

June: Boundaries


Boundaries Linda and Nelly

Boundaries Compassion Nelly

Boundaries Saying No Linda

Boundaries in Sitting Nelly

Boundaries in Teaching RM Linda

Boundaries within Stillness Nelly



June: Creativity


Creativity Linda & Nelly

Creativity Metaphor Linda

Creativity Nelly

Creativity Curiosity Linda

Creativity Mourning Nelly

Creativity Unique Twist Linda


May: Eightfold Path


Eightfold Path Intro

Eightfold Path Sati Nelly

Eightfold Path Sati Linda

Eightfold Path Samadhi Nelly

Eightfold Path Samadhi Linda

Eightfold Path Effort Nelly

Eightfold Path Effort Linda

Eightfold Path Order

Eightfold Path Views Nelly

Eightfold Path Views Linda

Eightfold Path Intention Nelly

Eightfold Path Intention Linda

Eightfold Path Guest Bill W

Eightfold Path Action Linda

Eightfold Path Action Nelly and Linda

Eightfold Path Livelihood Nelly

Eightfold Path Speech Nelly

Eightfold Path Speech Linda

Eightfold Path Speech Nelly 2

Eightfold Path Guest Janet K


May Online Retreat: Four Ennobling Truths / Tasks


We are vulnerable

Dependent Arising

Harm Reduction


April Online Retreat: International Retreat in Your Own Home‚Äč

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020



April 13, 2020: Captivity & Conditionality

Reflective Meditation Basics Nelly

Recalibration Linda and Nelly

Guest Teach Erin Harrop

Loving Kindness Linda

Equanimity Linda

Pleasure Nelly

Independence Nelly

Power Dynamics Linda

Reflective Meditation Practice

Limbo Linda

Vulnerability Nelly

Sangha Janet

Visuals Nelly

Honesty Linda

Dana Carola and Susan

Ritual Nelly

Intuition Linda

Flexibility Nelly

Freedom from Linda

Reflexivity Erin

Receptive Linda

Ways of Knowing Nelly

Friends w/ different views Linda

Marathon / Sprint Nelly

Shelter Linda

Sukha Dukkha Nelly

Kindness and Compassion for Fears Linda

Prison of Inadequacy Nelly

No place like home Linda

Broaden Views

Stream of Consciousness