For Newcomers

For Newcomers

What is Reflective Meditation?

Reflective meditation is an open, unstructured way of meditating that invites your life into your meditation. Starting gently, and staying near to your experience during meditation, you develop a friendlier, more intimate relationship to your experience within meditation and in your life. You learn beneficial ways of meditating by seeing how your mind operates within meditation. This kind of “seeing” can be naturally developed through reflection, whether done in a journal or expressed verbally to an experienced teacher or peer. Much of the learning comes from your own recognition and insight rather than from an authority, a tradition, or any dogmatic and rigid way of thinking about meditation. What is in your mind and heart matters deeply, and does not need to be separated out from your meditation.

The Community

Pine Street Sangha is a community of individuals who gather together to share a common curiosity about meditation and self-exploration in our challenging and diverse world.

Ways to Connect & Learn

At Pine Street Sangha, there are many ways to feel supported with your meditation practice and to connect with the community. Join our mailing list for email notifications about upcoming events and to receive educational writings and dharma recordings in your inbox.

  • Sunday Open Meditation & Dharma: A time for meditation and reflection and to meet other members of the community. Sunday morning meditation is a good time for new people to get acquainted with Reflective Meditation and Pine Street Sangha. Click here for the Logistics of Meditation Groups.  THESE SITS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS.  WE ARE OFFERING DAILY DHARMA TALKS AND SITS ONLINE. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.
  • Orientation with Teachers in Training: As a newcomer to this practice, Teachers-in-Training are available for individual meetings to help you establish a meditation practice, reflect upon your experiences, and explore your questions and concerns.
  • Workshops for Mental Health Professionals: Continuing Education workshops are offered for mental health professionals who would like to learn a psychologically sophisticated process of meditation and reflection while earning continuing education hours. 
  • Retreats and Workshops: Watch the ongoing events calendar on our website for other opportunities to meditate and reflect together.

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