Fourth Anniversary

Fourth Anniversary – 2016

As we mark the fourth anniversary of the Pine Street Sangha, I reflect upon the past year. It has been an important year of transition. We became a non-profit, accurately reflecting our mission and ushering in obvious and subtle changes.

Because of the generosity of many donors we are in good financial shape.┬áBecoming a non-profit entailed a lot of detailed administrative work which happily is complete. This frees up time to teach you and to develop on my path of dharma. In the spirit of a non-profit, many people have stepped up to do volunteer tasks. My heartfelt appreciation to each of you. I am so happy that this sangha is all of ours — to care for and to benefit from.

Sunday Open Meditation and Dharma began this year and meets each 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 10-11:30am. This is a good event for people new to Recollective Awareness, a good way to enter the Pine Street Sangha. It’s a great way for the existing community to have another time to meditate together. Drop in when you are able — make connections and strengthen our community. Each time we meet it’s been a different configuration of meditators but always interesting and enlightening.

The Thursday evening group, 6:30- 8:15pm, is open to new members. In these groups we create a supportive environment where students are able to talk honestly about their meditative experiences. Consider joining this group if you’re ready to develop your Recollective Awareness Meditation practice in the company of others. We ask that you commit to eight weeks at a time, longer if you feel so inclined. The group will restart at the beginning of February. Email soon if you are interested.

Ethics is at the heart of Buddhism. This past year I began teaching a new continuing education workshop: Developing an Internal Ethical Compass: An Exploration of Skillful Boundaries. Mental Health Professionals find it refreshing to meet their ethics requirement in the sanctuary of their inner world of meditation and with other professionals who are honestly grappling with complex ethical situations.

Take a look at the Pine Street Facebook page, I try to post a quote every few days. It’s a public site so you don’t need to be on Facebook to read these quotes.

During the past year together we’ve spent countless hours together in meditation and reflection, in small groups and on retreat. I’m inspired by witnessing people develop and transform as they continue on this path. Let’s do more of this over the coming year.

In Gratitude,
Nelly Kaufer