We all experience painful mind states -- the most difficult aspect is when we think we are these mind states and that there is something very wrong with us. Psychological diagnoses can reinforce this view.  When we recollect our meditation over time, we see that we move in and out of difficult mind states and that they are interspersed with countless other kinds of experiences.


Welcome to the Pine Street Sangha

We meditate in a gentle and accepting way, allowing whatever occurs in our inner worlds to unfold naturally. By recollecting what happens in meditative experiences, we develop awareness and discover our own understanding of the dharma, the teachings of Early Buddhism.

This approach is helpful for people who:

  • Have never meditated before.
  • Already have an established meditation practice.
  • Believe that they cannot meditate.
  • Are at an impasse or want more from their meditation practice.
  • Value honesty, inquiry, and independence.
  • Wish to discover new ways to engage with the dharma.

Explore this website and discover for yourself how you want to become involved with the Pine Street Sangha.